Knitting and worrying

When people ask me why I enjoy knitting I usually say that it is because it is relaxing. I wouldn’t argue that sitting and knitting is very relaxing indeed. However, I do spend an implausible (and some might say unnecessary) amount of time worrying about my projects. My personal top 3 are as follows:

  1. Will it be too small?
  2. Do I have enough wool?
  3. Can one person have too many items of green tweedy knitwear?

This is where my knitting group, a glass of wine (and ideally some cake) remind me that:

  1. I knit ridiculously loosely and everything I  have ever made turns out bigger than expected. A textbook knitter would tell me that I could get over this by checking my gauge. Despite best intentions I am never going to get around to this.  I am far to keen to start and much more inclined to  just to randomly reduce the needle size and hope for the best. This normally works out okay ish. Luckily I like my clothes quite baggy.
  2. No I probably don’t. I never buy enough wool. I never want to part with that much money. Even when I do I somehow run out or lose a ball. However it will be fine and I’ll just make it a bit shorter and/or finish it off with a different colour which normally turns out looking kind of cool.
  3. No, a person can’t have enough green tweedy knitwear. There is nothing wrong with making almost everything out of green felted tweed. It’s cheap (er) and also very forgiving on mistakes not to mention easy when weaving in the ends. Plus, when I run out of wool (see point 2), it means I have a contrasting colour of the same wool hanging around which I can use to finish off the project.

So, all in all, nothing to worry about!


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