Ways to justify the purchase of a MacBook

Hello. This is my new blog. I have been talking about writing a blog for quite some time but haven’t actually got around to doing anything about it. Justification for the purchase of my shiny new MacBook has finally got me  started.

I have had my eye on a MacBook for rather a long time  however it is very tricky to justify the purchase for 2 reasons

a) they are very expensive

b) I don’t work in the creative industries, never even use photoshop and don’t really need one for messing about on the internet and putting photos on Ravelry.

However, despite the above (very sensible) reasons, when my hard earned bonus came through and I finally  had enough money to top up my new laptop fund I dashed directly to the shop before sensible thoughts entered my head.

On getting my new toy back to my house I started looking for reasons to justify my new computer and the long put off blog master plan has finally come to fruition.  So, hear I am writing my first post and feeling very justified in my purchase. 🙂


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