Faith, hope and blocking

I have been very excited about my current project Snowbird by Heidi Kirrmaier. I got the idea from a knitting friend.  I turned up for some Christmas drinks and dancing in possibly the thinnest cardigan I own. Given that I really feel the cold and am often sporting multiple layers and a double cardigan in the winter this was an odd mistake on my part especially as London was covered in a fine layer of snow at the time.  I can only put it down to being very excited about the new dress I was wearing that night. When I had shivered my way through Bloomsbury to meet my friends I found them all very sensibly attired and layered up. A friend had her snowbird with her and let me borrow it to get myself warmed up. I was so taken by the comfy slochyness that I had to make one for myself.

I found some amazing fairly traded wool from a friend’s shop (Knit with attitude in case you’re interested). It’s beautiful alpaca in a rather lovely maroon colour. I was very proud of myself for not buying my usual green felted tweed and excited about my lovely new cardigan. I’ve really enjoyed the pattern and the is great to work with. Somehow I’ve managed not to make any massive mistakes (that I’ve noticed) and other than a slight issue with the sleeve (when I seemed to forget how to count for some reason) I haven’t had to re-knit anything.

So far so good. However, because of the size of circular needles I’m using even though it’s top down I’m unable to try it on properly and see how it will fit. The stocking stitch panels on the border have also curled in slightly making it impossible to tell if it will come out with the baggy fit I was aiming for or not. I’m also suspicious that the wool is a 4 ply even though it is allegedly a double-knit. Luckily my knitting is very loose and normally comes out bigger than it’s supposed to be however I can’t help but worry that after a good few weeks knitting I might end up with an overly snug and slightly unflattering cardigan. Despite this I am determined to finish my Snowbird in the hope that the magic of blocking will solve all my problems. I’ll finish the pockets and the bottom stocking stitch section, sew up the collar and with a little luck post blocking I’ll have the snuggly warm cardigan I’ve been looking forward to. Luckily for me I am sure that the joys of the British ‘summer’ will give me plenty of opportunities to wear it!


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