In with the new

So snowbirdis finished, collar sewn on and drying out. Hopefully the magic of blocking will make it grow and also look a bit more like the lovely picture on the pattern.The reverse stocking stitch on the sleeves, collar and sleeves wants to curl in at the end as I can’t be botherd with proper pinning and blocking I might have to try and pass that off as a design feature.  I’ve tried it on pre blocking and I’m optimistic that it will be alright. Maybe just wear around the house alright granted but definitely wearable.

I always get really exciting about starting new projects. I suspect it might be the clean slate element. That and the lovely new wool. It’s hard not to get sick of staring at the same wool in the same colour for weeks on end so the opportunity to work with one is a welcome relief!

Normally I’ve decided what my next project will be and got the wool way before I finish the old one but this time it’s taken me ages to decided what I want to do. Despite my best efforts not to make yet another project in felted tweed everything I like seems to be crying out for some lovely tweedyness!  In the end I gave in and decided to make a minimalist cardigan out of a nice light grey shade.

Having had my hiatus from felted tweed for Snowbird I’m keen to get back to my favourite wool. It’s not too expensive, hides little mistakes, drapes nicely , and it doesn’t curl up on the ends like the alpaca I’ve just been using. Even the texture and the colour palette are awesome! Of course there is a saturation point at which a girl must accept that she has a wardrobe full of cardigans knitted out of felted tweed, but it turns out that day isn’t today.


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