Knitted presents are the best presents

My mum’s 60th birthday is coming up in a few months and I’ve started thinking about what to get her. Since I started knitting my first thought for a special present is a knitted present. When I first started knitting I suspect that this was less of a pleasure for those who received them  than for me. A variety of  oddly shaped items greeted them on their birthdays. Their pleasure on opening their hand made presents came more from the thoughtfulness of the gift than aesthetics of the item…. These days I like to think that I friends and family members like both thought and the present itself (or have got better at pretending to look impressed).

So I have sourced a lovely shawl pattern and picked the wool. I’m even planning to treat her to some malabrigo yarn (I won’t be ruining the surprise as she really doesn’t like computers and almost certainly isn’t into blogs even if they do belong to family members). Of all the people I make things for I know that my mum with be the most grateful. She’s reached an age where she can just buy anything that she wants and really appreciates the time and thought put into a handmade present (especially from her least reliable daughter – I might not remember to call her back but at least I haven’t totally forgotten about her).

Probably the only thing I like more the giving home made presents is receiving them. I’m really lucky that I’m not the only crafty person in the family and my sister will often send cross stitch presents and if I ask really nicely my mum will crochet me a little treat. One of my most treasured possessions is a blanket my Mum made for me. I’ve always wanted a granny square blanket and this one is perfect. Not only is it warm and cozy and looks amazing (without being too twee) but to know that Mum sat and made each square individually and then sewed it all together makes it totally special and irreplaceable.

If I hope to return the favour I need to hurry up and finish my project and get started on that shawl!


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