Minimalist cardigan

After the slight disappointment with snowbird I was a bit nervous about starting a new project in case it went wrong! To make sure it turned out well I reverted to my old favourite wool- felted tweed. I also picked a really simple pattern Minimalist Cardigan by Ruthie Nussbaum. I’ve been meaning to make this for a few years.

The pattern was a really quick and simple knit. Although the moss stitch did get a bit boring after a while! There isn’t any shaping so I wasn’t sure about how flattering the fit would be but now it’s finished I love it! I made one modification to the pattern picking up the stitches around the stocking stitch edging and finishing with an i-cord bind off. This has stopped the stocking stitch from rolling in and giving a bit more structure to the neck.

It’s been while since I made a cardigan which needed the sleeves setting in and forgotten how great it looks. Although I still love a raglan sleeve!

So in summary I love this! The wool is great, the fit is flattering, the colour is lovely and the moss stitch adds a really interesting texture.


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