Budokon challenge – part 2

My head cold has now finally gone so I was able to get myself down to yoga this week. I felt particularly proud of myself for struggling through the rain (it appears to be monsoon season in London at the moment which is not helped by my apparent inability to buy waterproof shoes). I was looking forward to class not having done much yoga through the duration of my cold (I don’t think a few frankly half arsed vinyasa sequences really count) and I wasn’t disappointed as it was a fun class and even better I could really feel myself working.

With the rain beating down on the roof we got straight into our dancing dog sequence. It’s fair to say that I haven’t missed my calling as a dancer/acrobat as I find it really hard to remember a sequence of movements. Somehow all memory of the previous class had left me and me and my two left feet stumbled our way through the sequences with absolutely no hint of grace and a lot of stopping to look at what everyone else was doing. I think I finally have it now though and am determined to have a practice this week however tempting it will be just to run through my usual vinyasa.

One of the really interesting aspects of this style of yoga is the animal references. As part of the class one of the exercises was a series of animal walks; a money, a cat and dolphin (and some other things I have already forgotten). After my initial apprehension about looking silly this was both fun and liberating although hard on the legs! I can really feel it today.

Although many of the postures and sequences in this style are very similar to what I’m used to the subtle differences make it much harder work and much more tiring. I’m really relishing the chance to use my body differently and waking up muscles that I haven’t been using in my normal practice.

While I am finding the course a challenge there’s something very liberating about not being a natural to this style. I know that I’m never going to be brilliant so there’s no point in comparing myself to everyone else. I’m free to go on my own little journey.


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