Audrey in drops alpaca

My Audrey In Unst is finished! This is actually the 3rd time I’ve knitted this pattern but I still really love it. It’s so well written and easy to follow. The sleeves are genius – you pick up the stitches and then shape the sleeve caps- so there’s no sewing up at all.

I’ve made a few modifications to the pattern. I’ve made the button bands a little wider and taken out the lace because I wanted something more simple. I switched to 4 ply rather than DK so I took the size up to accommodate that. I didn’t do a proper gauge swatch and sort of guessed but luckily it worked out okay.  It’s fairly snug and cropped but I’ve been after a cropped cardy for a while so that’s no bad thing. I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t do up but it does!

This is the first time I’ve tried using Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca. I’d  heard lots of good things about it and it’s reasonably priced for alpaca so I was keen to give it a go.  This the first time I’ve ordered wool on-line and I learnt a lesson about checking the colour on Ravelry! The photo on the website showed a kind of grey with a hint of purple but when the wool came it was a pastel lilac. It’s not a colour I would have chosen as I tend to prefer greys and greens and I wasn’t sure about it as I was going along but now it’s finished I really like it.  I also learnt a lesson about quantity of order. I  under ordered so lost out on some of the money saving because I had to pay the P&P again for the final ball. Despite these two little problems I’ll definitely use this wool again, it’s really soft and lovely to knit with.

All in all I”m very pleased and doubt this will be the last time I knit up this pattern.


2 thoughts on “Audrey in drops alpaca

  1. I absolutely love how this came out! It looks really pretty on you. I’m a bit late to the party I guess, just discovered your blog. But knitting and yoga is an unbeatable combination, so I’ll definitely follow your writing from now on.
    Maya x

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