Bridgewater- finally finished!

It’s been a rather epic knit but I’ve finally finished my Bridgewater! Even better it’s finished and blocked in plenty of time for my mum’s 60th birthday. I’m really pleased with the way that it’s turned out. The fabric is lovely and lightweight and it feels super soft. The lace pattern looks beautiful and I think it suitably special for a special birthday.

If I were to make this shawl again I would change a few things:

  • use lighter coloured wool so that I can actually see what I’m doing!
  • use bigger needles so that the lace pattern is easy to see
  • use different wool. The malabrigo feels nice  but it picks up every singe bit of fluff and it felts.


4 thoughts on “Bridgewater- finally finished!

  1. Love your shawl. I am working on the edging and having problems with the ssk and sk2p symbols. Can you tell me where they appear in the charts right side rows. I can’t tell which is which.

    Thanks in advance………………..Cindy (

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