My sewing machine is working!

After spending many months looking at my sewing machine and hoping that it would magically start working I finally took it to a proper shop to get it fixed. I was a bit nervous that I’d get to the shop and find that it wouldn’t actually be broken but that I’d been doing something wrong. When the sewing machine man pointed out that I’d be using the wrong bobbin it didn’t bode well…. Luckily it turned out that the machine was a bit wonky (something about the timing of picking up the thread) and it could be fixed.

I was really impressed with the sewing machine shop. They were super nice to me and when I picked up my machine they gave me a quick tour around the machine to make sure I was using it properly. They’d even managed to get the tension sorted out (which I’d never managed). Should you be interested here’s the website for the shop – Sew Amazing.

I was so excited to have a working sewing machine that I wanted to get sewing straight away. I dug out some fabric and decided to make myself a bag. I took a lovely evening course at The Make Lounge  on making bags a couple of years ago and luckily the info had stayed in my head. Once again I didn’t bother with a pattern (I don’t think it really matters with a bag unless you need to have certain dimensions) I just got my ruler out to make sure that pieces were square and the straps were the same length, width and depth. I was rather pleased with the finished bag and I think the fabric works really well.


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