Autumn Leaves- finished!


My Autumn Leaves Stole- I think it looks very pretty.

My Autumn Leaves Stole by Jared Flood is now finished and I’m very pleased!

I started it as a way to use up some aran that I’ve had lying around  and to pass the time while I was off work.  I wasn’t sure how the stripes would look but it’s come out really well and I really like way the colours work together. The lace pattern was easy to follow and because of the big wool and needles it was a really quick knit.

My hand looks very large in this picture but you can see how snuggly the scarf is. Another picture where I have wet hair though....

The pattern is knitted in two parts and then grafted together. This meant that I finally had to get around to working out how to do kitchener stitch. I thought it was going to be tricky but with the Knitty tutorial it was quite easy.

The scarf comes out lovely and long and its also quite wide so it’s really nice and warm. The winter is sneaking in and it’s getting colder so it’s a perfect time so have a lovely warm scarf. Also because I made it from wool I had lying around it was practically free!  Now I just need to knit myself a new hat and I am ready for the proper cold weather.


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