Home made draft excluder and cute bunny pictures

It's kind of hard to make out the draft excluder in this picture but Coco the bunny does look very cute

The winter is on the way and my house is starting to get very chilly. It’s a nice house which I like very much but it is very drafty!  The draft that comes in through the front door is the worst and makes downstairs quite chilly. Inspired by an article in The Guardian I decided to make a little draft excluder.

It was really easy to make and the whole thing can’t have taken longer than hour from start to finish. I cut out a rectangle of fabric long enough to fit the gap (plus an inch or so for seem allowance) and 12 inches wide. The pattern suggested that I sew it all up but I wanted a cover that I could take off and wash (the bunnies love to hang out by the front door and while they are very cute they can be a bit naughty when it comes to using their litter tray…) so I added on about 5 inches to the length to made a pillow case style opening.

the front door is not the prettiest part of my house...

I was a bit dubious about the next part of the pattern. Filling the leg of an old pair of tights with rice for the filling. It seemed a bit too DIY and I was convinced that you’d be able to see the tights or get a lumpy draft excluder but I gave it a go any way.

I shouldn’t have doubted the lady who wrote the pattern as it turned out really well. It was a bit fiddly to get the rice to go in without getting all over the floor but it was easy to even it out to avoid lumps and bumps and the rice makes it heavy enough to stay put (even when two bunnies are trying to shift it).

As the front door is the bunnies favourite place in the house it was quite tricky to actually get a picture of it without them in it. However as they are much prettier than a draft excluder that probably isn’t a bad thing!

this is really just a picture of the bunnies....

As you can (just about) see from the pictures the lilac stripy fabric gets a bit lost against the white of the door. If I were making it again I’d use a stronger colour. I think I’d also make it a bit wider as you need to kick it a little bit to get it to cover the gap. However as I made it more for practical reasons than aesthetic ones I’m pleased with the end result. It didn’t costs me anything other than the rice and luckily for me there are loads of shops round my way selling massive bags of cheap rice. I think the bunnies like it too as they haven’t tried to pull it apart or use it as a toilet (yet!).

another cute bunny picture


3 thoughts on “Home made draft excluder and cute bunny pictures

  1. I love the bunnies! They’re just so cute that you can’t afford to just leave them or set aside. And yeah, if you really want to personalize your excluder, you really can. There are a lot of things that you could use to make one.

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