Vernalis hat by Wolly Wormhead- finished!

I’ve been wearing the same slouchy copy cat hat for about 2 years now so I thought it was time for a new one.

I didn’t look very closely at the pattern and I thought it was for lace weight wool but it was actually for 4-ply. Luckily I have lots of felted tweed lying about so I didn’t have to buy anything. That meant I had to make it stripy and I’m not sure that it quite works with the pattern…..

Now it’s finished it’s a little on the big side. I guess that’s the felted tweed which is on the big side for 4 ply. I also think it would look better without stripes or at least with wider stripes.

I like the pattern though so I think I’ll try it again in another wool. I quite like it though!


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