A much better Vernalis

It is a very pretty pattern

I was at a lovely wool shop near Bournemouth last weekend and spied some pretty Sublime Yarns Extra Fine Merino Wool 4 Ply in a rather lovely shade of green (it looks like blue in the picture above but it is green I promise) so I decided to make myself a second version of the Vernalis  hat by Woolly Wormhead.

I was really eager to get started as it’s getting chilly and I need a hat! As I had some kind of weird bug this week I did lots of knitting to try to distract myself from the epic headache that came with the bug. I was able to finish it yesterday and it is blocked and drying out now. I think it looks much better in the Merino than the felted tweed did as the stitch definition is much clearer. It also reduced the size a little. I also made the ribbing on the brim a little smaller (I only knitted it for about an inch) and took out one pattern repeat to make it smaller. I suspect I might have a small head!

The merino wasn’t cheap but it was really nice to work with- although it was a little bit squeaky at times. The hat took just over 1 ball of wool which is slightly irritating as now I have two-thirds of a ball of wool left over. I’m sure I can use it up in a striped hat a some point though.

I can’t wait for this to dry so that I will have a nice warm head as the weather gets colder! I like it so much that I’m going to make one for my sister for Christmas.

My second Vernalis hat drying out


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