Chunky basket weave cowl – free pattern

Now that it’s getting cold I need something to keep my neck warm while I’m cycling. Normally I love a nice long scarf but that is very impractical on a bike and would almost certainly get caught up in my wheels and lead to disaster! So, I decided to make myself a cowl instead.

I’ve been loving the Drops Alpaca so I decided to try out some other Drops wool. I went  for the Drops Alaska. It was nice and reasonably priced and it was lovely and soft and a pleasure to work with. I loved the colour too!

I decided to make the pattern up  which could have gone horribly wrong but it turned out really well. When I first started knitting my Mum gave me a little book with lots of stitch patterns in it and looking through reminded me of a cushion cover I knitted in a basket weave pattern so I was inspired to give that stitch another go.

I’ve put the pattern below incase any  one wants to give it a go.

7mm circular needle
2 balls of Drops Alaska

Cast on 14o stitches. (I used a long tale cast on for a nice loose edge and because I think it looks pretty).
Join to work in the round
R1: knit all stitches
R2: [K5, P5) repeat 14 times
R3- R6:  repeat R2
R7 [P5, K5] repeat 14 times
R8-R711: repeat R6
Repeat R2-11 three more times so that you have 8 squares in total.
R82: knit all stitches
cast off loosely
Block out then admire your pretty cowl!


6 thoughts on “Chunky basket weave cowl – free pattern

  1. Love this pattern Lizzy! Is the Drops Alaska pretty chunky? I wonder if I could replicate this with two strands of DK held together…hmmm. I like the colour of yours.

    • Thank you! It’s fairly chunky, you’re supposed to use 9mm needles with it. I reckon 2 strands of DK would work. You’ll have a nice open fabric. Would look really nice!

  2. I really like this pattern — thanks for sharing it! I found you via Ravelry, and I’ve just cast on. Is it just me, or do you mean to cast on 140 rather than 144, since your pattern is in sets of 10 stitches? Also, I am assuming that Rows 2 thru 6 are [K5, P5] and Rows 7 thru 11 are [P5, K5], and so on.

  3. Nice pattern. It’s on my to do list, I will try it with some Hans spun yarn .
    Thanks for sharing,

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