Bridgewater blanket finished!

my finished Bridgewater blanket

I liked the Bridgewater I made for my Mum earlier in the year so much that I wanted to make a version for myself. It’s a fairly time-consuming project and I would have gone a bit mad if I had to work on exactly the same thing twice so I used 4 ply and 4mm needles to make it more of a blanket. I used Drops Alpaca and with the 4mm needles it gives an open fabric and a lovely soft blanket which I think looks very pretty. Drops Alpaca is almost certainly my current favourite wool.

The last time I made this project I made the rather fatal error of using dark wool which made the lace sections almost impossible to see in anything but bright daylight. I learnt my lesson this time around and used a nice light grey. I really like the colour and think it compliments the pattern very nicely.

It's hard to take a picture which shows how huge it is but this gives you an idea. Please excuse the messy book shelf!

As I was using much bigger needles I knew that it would turn out large but I didn’t realise quite how big it would get. As it’s knitted in the round for the final section before casting off I didn’t find out how huge it would be until I was casting off. I think that’s a good thing though as it makes it all the more snuggly.

The next time I’m making a lace project I really should invest in proper blocking pins. I tend to use ‘blocking’ as a rather extravagant term for washing and then stretching out on the spare bed on a towel. I know I’d get a much better finish and cleaner edges if I blocked properly. Perhaps I should make proper blocking my New Years resolution (maybe along with actually making a tension square…..).


I’m really pleased that it’s come out like a proper blanket and I’m really looking forward to snuggling up under it to watch TV or read a book. I am going to have to be very careful to keep the rabbits away from it though as it is exactly the kind of thing they like to chew!


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