I put in a zip and I am very proud!

sorry for the dark picture...on the plus side it looks kind of 70s which I quite like.

One day last summer I’d got up nice and early to get to Saturday morning yoga. I was feeling a tad smug and rather enjoyed the sunny morning stroll through London Fields to the class. Alas, I had strolled a little slowly,  and by the time I got to  yoga I was running very late and I had to get changed super quickly. In my quick change I managed to break the zip on my favourite summer dress. I was gutted ( and not just because I had to walk back home from yoga in my leggings and a vest which is never a flattering look).

The dress may only be Topshop but I love it and was determined to fix it. I can’t ever bring myself to chuck clothes away when they break and I would always rather figure out a way to fix them. Many of my most treasured dresses and skirts have been fixed multiple times and I love them even more for the little changes that were made when they were put back together. I suspect that my clothing breaks so often because I keep buying stuff from Topshop where they make very pretty, but shoddily put together, items.

Normally my first port of call when clothes need fixing is my mum. She is amazing at sewing and can fix anything. However I’ve been starting to feel bad about this approach as my Mum has much more fun stuff to do than fixing my broken clothing. So, I decided that I was going to fix it myself.

Never having sewn a zip before I had no idea where to start so I sought advice from the sewers at my knitting group (they are a multi-talented bunch). With a bit of help I tracked down the right sort of zip (much harder than I expected it turns out metal zips are hard to find) and was ready. Unfortunately I faffed about in finding a date for the zip tutorial and before I knew it my zip teacher had left the country for her exiting new job in Germany.

I was nowhere near brave enough to have a go on my own so my pretty dress languished on the sewing pile for the rest of the summer and has been sitting there until this weekend.

Earlier in the week I spied a twitter request from The Make Lounge to come to a free sewing class to try out an alterations workshop they are thinking about running. It took me quite a while but with lots of help from the lovely tutor I got the zip in and I’m a) very pleased that my dress is wearable again and b)proud of myself for learning how to do zips!  🙂

As you can see from the photo it’s an exposed zip (to match the original zip in the dress). For my current sewing project ( a Colette Ginger skirt in grey wool if you’re interested) I will need master an invisible zip. I suspect that this will be a tad harder but now that I have one zip under my belt I feel much more confident.


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