Scandinavian Sweater with Textured Star Pattern on Yoke by Hjertegarn

The jumper is actually slightly less red than it looks in this picture

Sometimes my Mum spots crafty things in magazines and cuts them out for me. Before Christmas she spotted a jumper pattern in the Radio Times.  The pattern is based on the red jumper that Sarah Lund wears in the second series of The Killing.

I’ve never actually got around to watching The Killing (I can’t knit and watch the subtitles!)  but it looked like quite a nice jumper so I wanted to give it a go. Having looked at a couple of pictures it’s not an exact copy but it does use a similar star pattern in purl stitches.

For once I actually used the recommended wool Hjertegarn Lima. As it was cheap I wanted to give it a go. While I enjoy the really bright red shade the wool is really scratchy and not great fun to knit with. I’m hoping that after blocking it’ll be a bit softer to wear. I’m not sure I’ll use it again though as I’m hurrying to finish so that I don’t have to knit with this wool anymore!

It’s a fairly simple pattern without any waist shaping. The body and sleeves are knitted in the round and then joined into one piece at the bottom of the arm hole (I haven’t described that very well but its similar to the construction of owls by Kate Davies). However while the approach is simple the pattern is confusing:

  • Both the body and the sleeves came up very small when I knitted the suggested 35cm and 45cm so I had to increase the length.
  • The description of the sleeve decreases was very confusing. I opted for alternating a decrease at row 8 and row 6 as my best guess of what they meant.
  • I’m making the smallest size and I’ve gone down half a needle size but it looks quite big. Hopefully it’ll come out comfy baggy rather than unflattering baggy- there’s a fine line!

I’ve been knitting for quite a few years but I still I found some of the description in the pattern hard to follow. I wonder if there might be some translation issues. There are also a few random brackets that have snuck it which means you have to read some sections twice for it to make sense. I’ve been making a lot of Jared Flood patterns recently and they are really clear and very well written so I wonder if I have been spoilt by that a little bit.

I’m at the yoke now and should be finished very soon and I’m hopeful that it will come out well. If it works I will of course forgive all of the confusion of the pattern.


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