One and a half leg warmers…..

One and a half legwarmers

In the winter my feet get cold at the start of a yoga session. I’ve been meaning to get myself some leg warmers to help with extra warmth for a while. I haven’t wanted to buy any as it seems silly to buy an expensive acrylic pair when I can knit a pair myself.

Now that it’s getting chilly I really want warm feet so I finally got going. I found some Rowan Baby Alpaca that a friend had given me when she moved back to the US and made a start. I started with a bit of ribbing and put in a cable pattern.  For extra foot warmth I decided on stirrup leg warmers. I tend to pull my leggings down over my feet for yoga anyway so that would give me super toasty ankles.

For the stirrup I cast off stitches on one round and then cast on the same number on the next round. I finished off with ribbing and then picked up the stitches along the cast off and cast on edges and added in some ribbing. The wool is really soft, a pleasure to knit with, and so cozy.

It was all going really well. I finished the first leg warmer I was really pleased with the way it looked and I started on the second. I was congratulating myself on my free leg warmers. Then, less than half way through the second one I realised that I was going through wool much faster than I needed to be and didn’t have anywhere near enough left to finish it off! It looks like quite a bit in the picture but I promise it’s no where near enough!

My first plan was to get some extra wool.That was until I realised that Rowan don’t make that colour any more…….I didn’t have any luck on ebay either so I’ve had to accept that I’ll be struck with one and a half leg warmers and I’ll have to start again…. When I am feeling less annoyed about it I’ll get myself down to the shops for some new wool.  I’ll have myself a nice new pair of leg warmers eventually!


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