Fixing knitting

urgh! I hate it when this happens!

It has been very cold in London over the past few weeks. I am no fan of the cold so I have been wearing my massive red jumper on an almost daily basis. It’s super warm and there’s something about an oversized jumper that I find very comforting when it’s a bit dark and depressing out (plus tea and cake and biscuits of course).

As the wool wasn’t too fancy I’ve been chucking it in the washing machine on a cold water wash. This is a bit naughty really but sometimes life is a little bit too short for hand washing. My jumper has not been very  happy about the frequent wearing and the machine washing and has started to try and come apart a bit on one of the cuffs. The lazy part of me was tempted just to leave it and hope that it didn’t cause the jumper to start to unravel.

I was reminded a few weeks ago what happens when you don’t fix knitting as soon as it starts to come away. A friend at my knitting group was crocheting some beautiful patches to cover the huge hole in the sleeve of cardigan. She was trying to fix it on behalf of someone else and we all said- if only it had been fixed right at the start!  So, rather annoyingly I am now forced to take my own advice and fix the cuff straight away.

Luckily for me it was fairly simple to fix. I dug out my crochet hook and put it through the little loop (you can see the loop in the photo above). I pulled the  first part of the ‘ladder’ (above the loop in the photo) through the loop to create a new knit stitch. I carried on doing that until I’d knitted up all of the ladders.

nearly fixed

To secure the stitches in place I threaded a little piece of red wool through the loop. I’ll sew the two ends of the piece of wool in and then my cuff will be as good as new!

This should probably teach me to hand wash this jumper in future however I suspect it won’t!


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