Stirrup leg warmers – free pattern

Here’s the pattern for my stirrup leg warmers. Mine are for yoga but you could use them for whatever you want.  You could take out the stirrup and wear them as normal leg warmers or you might want to make them a little shorter and have them as ankle warmers- it’s up to you!

2.5 balls (245 yards) Garnstudio Drops Lima
4mm circular needle or DPNs (depending on what you prefer)
cable needle

4 inches=20 stitches across and 24 stitches up
I’m a very loose knitter so it’s well worth checking that your gauge matches and adapting appropriately.


To start:            Cast on 50 stitches.

I used a cable cast on for a firmer edge.  Join and begin working in the round. I prefer to use a long circular needle and the magic loop method but you might prefer either a shorter circular needle or DPNs. It’s up to you.

Rows 1-5:          Knit in 2×2 rib (knit 2 stitches, purl 2 stitches)
Rows: 6-9:        [P3, K4, P3] x 5
Row 10:             [P3, C2B*, P3] x5
Rows 11-60:     Repeat rows 6-10
Row 61:             [P3,K4,P3] x2, K4,P1, cast off 25 stitches
Row 62:            [P3, K4, P3] x2, K4, P1 cast on 25 stitches
Row 63:            [P3, K4, P3] x 5
Row 64:            [P3, K4, P3] x 5
Row 65:            [P3, C2B*,P3] x5
R0w 66-75:     Repeat rows 6-10
Rows 75-78:  Knit in 2×2 rib
Row 79:           Cast off loosely
To finish:        Pick up 44 stitches around ankle hole.

I picked up 20 from the top, 2 from each side and 20 from the bottom.

Knit 3 rows in 2×2 rib then cast off loosely. Weave in ends. Admire your first leg warmer and then make a start on the second!

If you spot any errors in the pattern, or you just want to let me know what you think, get in touch in the comment box below or at I’d love to hear from you!

*slip next 2 stitches onto your cable needle, as if to knit, and hold at the back of your work, knit the next 2 stitches and then the 2 stitches from your cable needle.

If you don’t fancy making a pair but you want to keep your feet warm when you’re practicing your yoga you can find some similar pairs in my little Etsy shop.


27 thoughts on “Stirrup leg warmers – free pattern

  1. Hi, just noticed an error in the pattern. If you do a k2p2 ribbing over 50 stitches in the round you end up with 4 knit stitches next to each other. How did you not incur this problem?

    • Hi Kitty,
      Yes you are very right! I wanted a 2×2 rib but that doesn’t fit with the no. of stitches needed for the size and the pattern so compromised on the ribbing. If you want to avoid that go for a 1×1 rib.

  2. I love this pattern but I am having a problem with the number of cast on. If I have 50 and start with k2 p2 I also end with a knit so there are 4k in a row. I seem to have the same complication with the p3 k4 p3 ending with p3 and starting the next row with p3 so I now have 6p. I really want to make the leg warmers so hopefully you will be able to help me in my confusion. Thank You

  3. Hi Rosalie,
    See above for a modification to avoid the issue with the ribbing. For the cable pattern you’ve got it just right. There should be 6 purl stitches between each section of ribbing. Or if you’d like more cable and less ribbing you can try [P1,K4] x 10.

  4. Alternatively, I cast on 48 stitches did the K2P2 ribbing and then picked up 2 stitches when moving into the cable pattern. This gives the stirrup a tighter fit around the foot

  5. On Row 61 – when I do the pattern, the K4 comes after I have purled 3. This way the next K4 is in the purl pattern. What am I doing wrong? So far, I’ve enjoyed doing them.

    • Hi Karen, I’m sure you haven’t done anything wrong, it could well be the pattern! Ignore the knit and purl instructions for this row if it isn’t working out and keep the stitches in the pattern as set (so knit if you did on the last row or purl if you did on the last row). The only important thing is to cast off the correct number of stitches. Does that help? Send me an email if you are still confused and we’ll figure it out. x

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  7. I’m not quite seeing how this is the whole pattern. It looks like it’s for one part before you hit the ankle hole. Am I reading it wrong?

    • Hi Katie, Yes it is the whole pattern. You hit the ankle hole at row 61 where you bind off stitches, then at row 62 you cast on again. This creates the ankle hole. Perhaps the confusion has come from the way that you pick up the stitches for the ribbing on the ankle hole at the end? Does that make a little more sense now? x

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  9. How would you recommend adjusting this pattern for a child. I want to make a pair for my 5 year old daughter. Thank you!

    • You’ll just need to reduce the amount of stitches you cast on. Make sure you reduce it my a multiple of 7 thought so that you don’t lose the pattern. Any problems let me know.

  10. I want to try this, but I am still a little new to knitting. Can you please explain what you mean at the end when you say to pick up 42 stitches around the ankle hole? How does one pick up the stitches and once they do, what do you do with them? Thanks! Can’t wait to make these.

      • Thanks for taking the time to pass on the information. I can’t wait to make these!

      • I was wondering the same thing! Thanks for the tutorial! I’ll be back to comment again if its still not clear, but I have a test tomorrow so I won’t be starting these just yet! [ 😦 ]

        Thanks for the awesome pattern! I’ll probably be making two of these!

        I was also wondering though, I wanted these to be at least 30 cm tall. Would your pattern suffice or should I repeat rows 6-10 a few more times to make up that height?

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  12. Well, I was reading the pattern thinking it started at the foot and, and I have a tiny foot, haha! So, because I started with just 48 sets to make it smaller ( and 3.75mm dpns) I decided to make the ankle hole 20 rows from the start instead. So far so good! Am thinking I might make these longer and so increase in the purl sections as they get up higher up my leg in my upside-down version 🙂

  13. Hola Lizzy. I am learning how to knit with magic loop. Is there a tutorial in casting on and off when you are not beggining your work? ( I am trying to knit these socks for ballet class)

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