Saving a favourite t-shirt with a bit of dye

A couple of years ago I got this t-shirt which I love. Given that it’s white it’s been a minor miracle that I have managed to avoid spilling something on it and creating a massive stain. Unfortunately I wasn’t so good at  remembering to put it in a white wash which has meant that it has faded to a rather unattractive shade of grubby white/grey (it looks surprisingly white in this picture- it didn’t look like that in real life).

I didn’t want to get rid of a perfectly good t-shirt just because it wasn’t white anymore so I though I’d have a go at dyeing it. Often the problem I have with fabric dye is that they make it in very vivid colours and I tend to wear slightly more neutral tones. I wanted a grey but settled for a brown as they didn’t have any grey (do they even do grey?).


It’s come out a bit darker than I thought it would but you can still make out the bike on the front so it’s not too dark. Overall I’m pleased with the results and looking forward to wearing it. I really like the way that the stitching hasn’t taken the dye and has stayed white.

In the same load I also put in a vest which was far from the original white. However I didn’t heed the instruction on the packet and wash it beforehand. It’s come out look fantastically 90s tie-dye and not in a good way (if there is a good way to look tie-dyed…)

I’m trying to think of a way that I could fix it but fear it may just have to go in the bin……


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