Boyfriend jumper

I’ve finished the 135-36 Jumper for men with textured pattern in Karisma Superwash by DROPS that I’ve been making for my boyfriend. It’s all blocked and ready to wear. It’s very green….

It was a really easy pattern with no shaping and I made it even easier by simplifying the pattern. I took the needle size down to 3.5mm for the body and 2.75 for the ribbing.  It was pretty quick to make and not too dull as I had the cables every 12 rows or so. There was a bit of sewing up to be done at the end but I actually quite like sewing up, I find it quite relaxing.

I used the wool the pattern recommended Garnstudio DROPS Karisma Superwash. I wanted to give at a go because at £2.25 a ball it’s a bargain for pure wool. It also promises to go in the washing machine which is pretty essential as I can’t see this jumper getting hand washed…

I wasn’t sure about the wool when I was knitting with it. It was much better that the Hjertegarn Lima I made a jumper from at Christmas but still a little bit scratchy. It’s really softened up after blocking and given the price I think I’ll be using that again.

I really like using the DROPS wool, their prices are very good without sacrificing quality. I haven’t found anything cheaper that isn’t acrylic. I normally get my DROPS wool from Scandinavian Knitting Design. They are really nice to deal with and the wool comes super quickly. I tend to have a look on the drops site for the actual colour first to get more of an idea, although when you’re buying wool online you can never quite be sure what colour you’re going to get.

My boyfriend likes his jumper (which I am very pleased about!). I think that it is a bit too big and a bit too green…… I like the pattern though so I think I might make it again in a small in a less bright colour.


2 thoughts on “Boyfriend jumper

  1. Hi, I’m making this sweater for my son for his high school graduation picture. I am a very experienced knitter, but have never really used a chart and am befuddled. On the WS rows, do I do the next row of the chart, or do i do purl in purl and knit in knit. They only chart pattern I have used before only had the RS charted and you just k in k and p in p on the WS. thanks for any explaining you can do.
    Dawne Scalise

    • This is a very befuddling chart! The chart shows both the right side and the wrong side. You go from right to left on the right side row and then left to right on the wrong side row. On the wrong side you purl on the white squares and knit on the black squares. Charts normally show which row is which so for this one I wrote it on the pattern myself- it makes its easier to track which row is right side (odd number) and which is wrong side (even number). Hope that helps?

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