Peony dress – progress so far

I’ve made a start on my Peony dress. I am trying not to get too excited about it as my sewing ambitions don’t quite match my skill (yet-although I’m working on it!).

I suspect that this dress may take me a while (while I go wrong and then have to redo things) so I have chosen a very pretty fabric that I won’t mind looking at for a while. I like the fact that it works both ways up so I didn’t have to fiddle about too much when cutting out the pattern pieces.

I really like the butterflys and the little plants

I managed to make a mistake before I’d even started and cut the pattern pieces out on the right side rather than the wrong side. However I’m hoping it won’t make too much difference so I’m ignoring it and carrying on.

The last time I had a go at a Colette pattern the waist was far too big but the hips were a good fit. To try to get around this I’ve cut a smaller size for the top which should fit (if the measurements on the packet are to be believed). I have my fingers crossed that it won’t ruin the line of the dress…….

Now that I’ve started sewing it the waist is looking very small. Maybe I was having a very thin day when I was measuring…. It does fit but I’m a bit worried that it might make my bottom half look huge because it goes in so much. I suspect I might have to take the waist darts out a little on the front. I’m thinking that I’ll need to tack the skirt to the bodice and try it on to know properly.

I’ve tacked the sleeves in but I haven’t got them quite right yet. I think I need to take them out again and then redo the gathers closer in and then have another go. I haven’t helped myself with my mistake in the cutting out as the notches are in the wrong place. I’m determined to make it work though….


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