A baby jumper from left over wool

In a couple of weeks time I’ll be going along to a baby shower for a friend of mine (I know that ‘baby shower’ is an American expression but I’m not entirely sure what the English alternative is….). I wanted to make her a little something for her new baby however I’m watching the pennies a bit at the moment (the perils of being freelance and waiting for people to pay you!) so I wanted to see what I can do with wool that I already have lying around.

For some reason I have lots of little bits of 4 ply. Some of it is left over from other projects and other bits were still attached to half finished baby items or hats that weren’t quite working.

As I’m using so many different bits of wool I doubt I’d be able to match up a back and front so I’ve opted for a jumper which is knitted in one piece. I’m hoping that this way the stripes will look deliberate rather than a bit random. I don’t want it to look like it’s made from scraps (which won’t put across the ‘yay, I’m very excited about your baby!’ message I’m going for).

There are  a lot of ends to weave in for this project but I’m actually finding that okay. The stocking stitch gets a bit dull so it’s nice to be able to break it up with some end weaving in.

Its not looking very smooth at the moment. I have my fingers crossed it will look better when blocked.

I’m not sure if the baby is going to be a boy or a girl so I’ve opted for a combination of colours to cover all bases. While I personally don’t believe in putting boys in blue and girls in pink (I’m no fan of gender stereotyping and had an awesome time playing with trains and refusing to wear anything pink, frilly or with a skirt as a child) when I’m knitting for other people I try  to keep to fairly gender neutral colours. Lots of people are very old fashioned about that sort of thing and I’d be very upset if I spent ages making something for a child that its parents wouldn’t let it wear because it was the ‘wrong’ colour.

The problem with putting a jumper together from odd bits of wool  (some of which has been unraveled from other projects) is that it does look a bit shoddy. I have my fingers crossed that when I’ve finished blocking it will look much better and the uneven stitches will look lovely and flat and even. As it’s really small it’s coming together very quickly and I’m knitting it super fast so I’ll know very soon if it will work or not.

I’m hopeful that it will look great, if not I’ll be whipping up a super fast pair of booties.


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