A gauge based mishap….

Here’s all the wool I unravelled……

A little while ago I started an Idlewood by Cecily Glowik MacDonald. As the summer started off as a bit of a damp squib I wasn’t too concerned about starting a winter project. In fact I was wondering if I’d actually be wearing it fairly soon! Luckily we have seen some sun now so I am feeling much more optimistic!

All started out fairly well. I’d seen Hoxton’s version which I really liked and was planning to copy the mid-length sleeves. I was very excited. As always with my slightly hap hazard knitting I didn’t bother with gauge and just made a start with a 5.5mm needle. I hoped that the slightly smaller needle would make up for my loose knitting.

I knitted for a while on the cowl part. I went round and round in stocking stitch and found it a rather nice antidote to a 4 ply cable project I’m working on. I was so hypnotised by going round and round and round that I didn’t actually stop to check out the size of what I was making. When I finally did I realised that it was HUGE! I had made a ginormous tube. I tentatively tried it around my neck and found that yes, indeed, it was far too big! I went back to the gauge and found that it was massively off and when I looked at the dimensions it was about 10 inches too big! Urgh!

I got out all of my needles and set about a proper swatch but no mater what I did I couldn’t get the gauge. It kept coming out too big even with a 4.5mm needle. As the 4.5 was a real squeeze with the wool and a really uncomfortable knit I decided that Idlewood just wasn’t meant to be for me. 😦

So, then I had 12 balls of lovely soft grey Garnstudio DROPS Nepal which needed using up. Even thought the pattern didn’t work out I had really enjoyed knitting with the wool so I wanted to start a new project with it straight away. A quick trawl through Ravelry came up with creature comforts cardi by Madelinetosh. I am loving this pattern! It has a beautiful leafy cable across the back and a loose fit.  It looks like it’s going to be nice baggy cardy to sling on over things and snuggle up with when I get cold. 🙂 It’s going to be a great project to knit while I’m enjoying the Olympics and Paralympics (although I am still upset for poor Mark Cavendish who totally deserved a win after all his hard work for team Sky at the Tour de France).


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