My little Etsy shop

After much procrastination I have finally decided to dip my toe in the Etsy waters. I’ve been reluctant because a) I’m worried that no-one will want to buy anything and b)everyone else is doing it so I feel a bit like a cliché. As I’m probably already a huge crafty cliché I’ve decided to ignore the potential humiliation of not selling anything and have a go!

I don’t have a master plan to make mega bucks (which is good as it’s unlikely to happen- the profit margins would be terrible!) it’s just something lovely to do when I have less work booked in. I love being freelance but it can be a bit feast or famine sometimes and  making some things to sell will be a lovely  distraction from trying to bring in new clients via wishful thinking (incidentally that doesn’t work).

To make it super low risk I’ve started off with using wool that I already have. I’ve also chosen to make things that I will be able to use myself or give to friends as presents if it doesn’t work out. That way I’m hardly spending any money and get something back if it doesn’t work.

A little while ago I made myself some stirrup leg/ankle/foot warmers for yoga to keep my feet warm in the winter. I enjoyed making them and I’ve had quite a bit of interest in the free pattern I put up so I decided to start with making some of those. I really wanted to make something that I think is good quality and that I think looks pretty rather than fiddling about working out what would be the quickest and cheapest and running the risk of coming out with something rubbish. It’s a bit of a luxury to take that approach I guess as I’m not counting on the money to pay my rent. I’ve changed the pattern slightly to include more cables and made a DK and 4ply version. I’ve also made a really simple ribbed version for a super snug fit.

There are only three things in the shop at the moment so it’s very small. The way that Etsy is set up it looks a bit weird with only three things as it’s in columns of four and the images don’t resize so I have rather a lot of white space…… I’d planned to have quite a bit more done by now but I’ve had a few problems with my arthritis so I’m a slightly behind.

Anyway, if you’ve got 5 minutes have a quick look and see what you think. I’d appreciate any feedback about what I’ve made, how the photos look or pricing Cheers!


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