Knitting in hospital

Another project in Drops Alpaca. I love Drops Alpaca!

If you follow me on Twitter you might have noticed that I have been going on about my wisdom teeth a lot… Yesterday I had the horrible painful things taken out! Hurrah!

As one of the wisdom teeth was impacted (growing grimly in the wrong direction- vertical into the next tooth rather than up- urgh!) I had to go to the hospital and have a general anaesthetic. I have a bit of a fear of hospitals and dentists so I was dreading the whole thing!

I was very lucky with the hospital ( a rather nice one in Barnet) and the nurses were super nice; really sweet and calming.  However, this being the NHS there was of course hours of waiting around.  Luckily I had been pre-warned about all the waiting and had brought my knitting along to keep me busy. I find knitting really relaxing so it was the perfect way to distract myself from:

a) Worrying about the operation and the potential of nerve damage (along with other implausible risks my brain was unhelpfully coming up with).

b)How hungry/thirsty I was (I had to fast beforehand and I get very grumpy when I am thirsty or hungry!).

It was a brilliant conversation starter with the lovely nurses. It made me feel much more relaxed to be able to chat away about my knitting and distract myself from what was coming.

I took along the Boxy by Joji Locatelli that I have been working on. It was the perfect project to take as all I need to do is go around and around with a knit stitch. I’m really excited about this project as I think it is going to be awesome when it’s finished. It’s very simple, so it will be a bit boring to knit, but it should be a lovely big drapey jumper.

The operation itself was a little bit grim. It turns out I have slightly rubbish veins and they had problems getting the little plastic tube in for the anaesthetic. They were all super nice but it REALLY hurt and my hands are bruised. In the end they had to give me gas to get me to sleep before putting the tube in.

I’m always really conscious when I moan about doctor/hospital based pain that as a woman who has never given birth I probably have a big shock coming in terms of pain! So I hope no mums reading this are bothered by my relative wimpishness!

I’m back home today and still feeling pretty weird and spacey from the general anaesthetic*. I’ve got lots of painkillers from the hospital and a fridge full of soup so today shouldn’t be too awful. I plan to spend the day having a nice rest and knitting.   Boxy will be perfect again as I won’t need to try and persuade my poor little brain to think!

*I am hoping that this post actually makes sense! 


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