Finding ways to keep on knitting despite having the hands of an old lady…

A few weeks again it dawned on me that I couldn’t carry on ignoring the pains I have been getting in the joints of my hands and I had to go to the doctor. I’ve had arthritis in various joints since I was 24 so it wasn’t a massive leap to suspect that was what was going on with my hands.

I’ve had the x-rays back now and I was right. I’m going to be totally honest. I was very upset. As well as loving knitting I also have a job that is computer based so I need my hands to work! I spent a little bit of time a)feeling sorry for myself and b)worrying about what was to come. (This wasn’t helped in any way by the doctor telling me that there’s nothing I can do to make it hurt less, other than take pain killers, and no way to stop it getting worse. She also started going on about trying to avoid ever going to hospital because of MRSA so I don’t think she was having a very good day). Now I am ready to get on with trying to make things a little better and working to keep my hands moving for as long as possible.

It’s hard to take a good picture of these but I promise they look alright on!

My first purchase has been a pair of compression gloves. I have been putting this off for a while as I had visions of beige coloured monstrosities but then I found this awesome grey pair on Amazon. They were fairly pricey for what they are however  the are by far the best ones I’ve seen. They were a little bit weird to wear at first but now I’ve got used to that I’ve been getting on very well with them and I think that they are helping. I’ve been wearing them out and about as well as around the house and I think they look okay. They are lending me a sort of 90s/Mitch from Being Human look which is no terrible thing. The only down side is the quality of the manufacturing. As you can see from the photo above there are various bits of thread coming off them and every time I cut off one piece of thread I find another one. When I’ve paid £19.99 for a pair of gloves (which I think is pretty expensive considering how small they are) I expect them not to start falling apart for a few months at least! They are also a little tiny bit too small on my fingers. I get quite a bit of pain from the joints at the top of my fingers and the gloves don’t quite cover them. They just need to be 1cm longer and they would be perfect.  Over all I am happy and I’d give them 4/5 .

I have also had a little try at taking Cider Vinegar and Black Molasses. Anecdotally I hear that it can work really well and I’m always willing to try things that are both cheap and come without side effects. I’ve really struggled though! It tastes absolutely vile, the kind of vile that makes  you shudder! It has also made me feel pretty sick. I’ve admitted defeat with this for a little while but I plan to have another go in a couple of weeks.

In the short-term I’ve also increased my visits to my awesome acupuncturist. As well as being very skilled at his job he’s really good fun so it is money well spent as far as I am concerned.

To help with my knitting I forced myself to have a whole week away from the needles. This was horrid, as you can image, and exercised my will power a great deal. To distract myself I made sure I did lots of bunny cuddling.

Coco looking very cute as always. This is in a brief spell of being good before getting on with her usual mischief….

I think the rest has done my hands a lot of good and I’m ready to start knitting again. This time though I’m trying to take it sensibly and only knitting for small amounts of time before having a break. I’m hoping to build up as I go along.

I’m also making sure that I have various different sizes of project on the go so that I can alternate between needles to give my hands some variety. This will be a little annoying as I prefer to work on one thing until I’ve finished but I guess I just have to go with it and see it if helps.


10 thoughts on “Finding ways to keep on knitting despite having the hands of an old lady…

  1. What a bummer! About 2 years ago I’ve had a bout of arthritis in my right thumb and wasn’t able to bend it for ~6 months, and totally sympathise. Lucky for me, it went away again and I’ve been symptom-free for a while now – fingers crossed!
    The only thing I really did was change my diet – I’ve eliminated most grains and dairy from my diet, and I generally feel a lot better (caveat: I’ve also developed a pretty nasty gluten intolerance in the last year, which encouraged me to change my diet). I’m vaguely aiming at a Paleo diet, without being too strict. If you google it, you’ll find many ppl who claim it’s helped with their arthritis, as it’s generally reducing inflammation in you body. One such article (picked rather randomly) is here:
    I’m not a missionary for paleo lifestyle – it’s just an easy enough adjustment that I think it could be worth a try.
    If you do, I’d recommend “Mark’s daily apple” blog.

  2. Nightmare! My heart goes out to you. My mother swore by cider vinegar, but I hate the taste too, except in salad with plenty of herbs in the dressing. However, a wrap prepared by soaking a glass cloth in a mixture of mainly cold water with some cider vinegar really helps relieve pain (leave on for ca.25 minutes). Also, I’ve heard that Cubix (4-sided) needles lessen strain while knitting, ditto small or light projects such as lace. You may find helpful tips at Stitchlinks if you google it (sorry, don’t know how to do links yet).

  3. Hope you feel better…my hands also hurt esp. while knitting….gosh I thought aging was suppose to be great……

  4. Hey there! I appreciate your difficulty with the taste of cider vinegar – I too struggle with this but try to mix it with fruit drinks or just dilute it down to take off the sharp acidic edge. The health benefits do seem worth the *wince* you get when you swallow the stuff though!

    Need to stock up on both ACV and blackstrap molasses to keep healthy through the winter!

    • You’ve inspired me! I’ve had another go with the cider vinegar and molasses. I’ve had them separately which is much more bearable. We’ll see if I can keep it up!

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