Is it a jumper or is it a dress….


As you can tell it’s snowing in London today!

If you’ve read my blog before you might have have noticed that there tends to me a certain theme with my hand knits: they always turn out bigger than they should do. You would think that I would have taken on board my incredibly loose tension and started to make gauge swatches and changing my wool and needle size accordingly like a good knitter should…… But no,  a combination of laziness and excitement to start means that never ever happens. Instead, what I do is go down a needle size or so (depending on the needles I can find lingering around the front room that haven’t yet been chewed up by our bunny) then have a guess and sort of see how it turns out.  Because I have arthritis in my hands I try to keep the weave pretty open anyway as tight knitting is much tougher on my hands (and leads to have to stop knitting for a few days which is no fun at all). This slap-dash approach, combined with the fact that I’m pretty short, can sometimes yield questionable results and enormous clothing…..

Luckily for me I tend to go for baggy stuff and so it doesn’t cause too much of a problem but every now and again things come out too big even for me…….This jumper is a case in point. It is enormous! It’s almost more of a dress that a jumper and given the width it could certainly double as maternity wear…..

I decided to make it on a bit of a whim. I was waiting for a wool delivery before I could start my Beatnik and I had a couple of balls of Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca left over from my awesome Boxy jumper. I had various other bits of Drops in other colours for the neckband and the sleeves and I was impatient to be knitting something (I really don’t like not having anything to knit). I thought the simplicity would be a good antidote to the cables in Beatnik.

I encountered my first problem while I was trying to buy the pattern. For a start it was $7.00 (I thought it would be too depressing to convert it to sterling)…. For that money you’d expect a pretty detail pattern which downloads straight away, right?  Wrong….. I had to wait a full 24 hours for the pattern to be available for download and then when I finally got it I was 2 pages. I one page of which was a picture! So, $7.00 for one page of pretty vague instructions! I am still a little annoyed about this as you can tell….


Luckily the odds and ends of Drops I had lying around go together pretty well.

It’s a really easy jumper to make. You knit the yoke first from the bottom up on smaller needles and then pick up the stitches along the bottom. It’s a weird kind of raglan as you do all of the increases straight away at the top. That gives you the drapey pleats but also it gives you loads of stitches…… I imagine if you actually had the right gauge it would look pretty nice.

I’m not entirely sure if I like this top yet. As well as being massive there’s a pretty noticeable colour change where I switch dye lots about a quarter of the way down the top. Also I’m not really keen on the kind of empire line style and it feels like there’s too much fabric at the bottom. The neckline is also pretty wide…

On the plus side it’s really warm and I still love the colour (which is lucky as I now have two jumper in this shade). It’s also going to be awesome for days when I feel a bit tubby or intend to do a lot of eating. I’m really hoping it will grow on me!


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