The perils of making summer tops in the winter

bow top

Before Christmas I had a very productive trip down to Walthamstow market on the hunt for bargain fabric. I got a good haul of fabric for about £2.00 a meter and also rekindled my love of gingham.

I came back with enough fabric for a couple of tops and a practice run at this awesome dress pattern that my friend Kathryn got me for my birthday.


As I’m a bit frightened of messing up such a pretty pattern I decided to start on something more simple first; a pretty summery top (New Look 6808 in case you are interested). I picked up the pattern months ago at a sewing show with my Mum and it’s been sitting about gathering dust while I got around to getting some fabric.

I made a start in a nice purple gingham. It was all coming together fairly well. I’d put in the darts, sewn up the back seam (I had to  add that in because I didn’t quite have enough fabric to cut out the back in one piece), sewn the front and back together at the shoulder and sides and then I was ready to try it on…..Even as I held it up against  myself I started to worry that it was looking a tad small. I tried to tell myself that it was just looking small against the numerous layers I had on to keep out the winter chill….sadly my optimism was misplaced. I could get it on okay and it wasn’t straining at the seams…but it couldn’t be described as a comfortable, flattering, fit……


It’s looking a bit creased from where I shoved it into into my sewing box…..

I was pretty dejected and shoved it back into my sewing box and generally felt a bit fed up about the whole thing.

However, the more I think about it the more I suspect that all is not lost…. Given the amount of cheese and wine that I managed to put away over the Christmas period I suspect that if I try it on again in a couple of months it might actually fit and then I can finish it off and get wearing it! So, roll on summer!


5 thoughts on “The perils of making summer tops in the winter

  1. I just made this top 3 times in a row as a sewingdare- try leaving out the front and back darts and just do the bust ones. It flows nicely and really doesn’t end up shapeless. You will look adorable!

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