Lots and lots of cables


The cable pattern is very pretty as you can see!

Before Christmas I made a start on a Beatnik by Norah Gaughan. I’m using Garnstudio DROPS Nepal which I got for £1.50 a ball from The Crochet Chain which was an awesome bargain. Also the pattern is free on Knitty so I didn’t have to pay for that either (not that patterns are hugely expensive).

Quite a few of my knitter friends have either made it or are in the process of making it. Plus,  I like the 60s styling and it looks super warm so I thought I’d give it a go.

I’m loving the colour and the wool but its taking me forever to finish making this….. I think it’s mainly the cables. In general I don’t mind cables especially when they are repetitive and I don’t have to keep checking the instructions. I think that’s because I am lazy and also its annoying to have to carry the pattern about with me all the time and try to balance it on my knee when I’m knitting.

For some reason this pattern only has a chart for the cables and  I really don’t like charts. I much prefer written instructions (Maybe everyone else really likes them and it’s just me? ). I’m not entirely sure why I don’t get on with them…..I think it’s all the checking keys and remembering to read it from right to left and then left to right..Far too much hard work for my liking! This chart has caused my little brain particular confusion as the instructions that go with the key are actually on a different page which means I have to be able to see both at the same time (so two bits of paper balanced on my knee). Also you actually have to pay attention to the wrong side rows rather than just lazily purling which you usually get away with on a cable pattern. There are also a lot of symbols which are only slightly different from each other and that means I don’t seem to be able to remember any of the symbols (other than knit obviously).

To try to make it simpler I colour coded the chart, the key and the instructions with various coloured pens. This was working pretty well until I  ran out of pens and I had to start using symbols (which has proved a little confusing.). With my little colour coding system things are a little easier to follow and I’ve made quite a bit of progress. Yesterday I was talking to a friend about it and she mentioned that she’s seen a colour coded version. So I looked again at the pattern and felt a bit of an idiot when I realised that there is indeed a colour coded version on the pattern….. However it was heartening that the editor put it together as she was also in need of some extra help! If you’re starting to make the pattern I suggest that you use it!


This will look even better when its been blocked.

I’ve finished the back and I’m three quarters of the way along the front. As you can see the cable pattern is looking lovely and is well worth all of the effort! The jumper is looking a little long and the cables are super stretchy so I am hoping that my giant knitting isn’t striking again! If that does happen it shouldn’t be that bad with this jumper as it will still look nice a bit baggy where as it would look pretty bad if it was too small (emphasising every bit of cake that I consume!).

All I need to do now is finish the front and make the nice easy moss stitch arms and then I’m finished (probably just in time for the weather to turn warmer which will serve me right for making it so slowly!)


6 thoughts on “Lots and lots of cables

  1. wow – you are such a productive knitter! i’ve done cables but never with a chart – i think i would struggle too. have you thought about using smaller needles to bring it in a bit shorter? i have the opposite problem – i’m working on a deco cardigan at the moment (one sleeve and bands to go!) and i have to increase needle size as i’m a tight knitter.

    • Thank you! Smaller needles would be a good plan but at the moment I’m trying to keep my knitting nice and loose so that it doesn’t hurt my hands too much and I think one more needle size down would be too much. Hopefully it will still look awesome a bit long!

      Deco cardigan sounds exciting! Hope it gets finished nice and quickly.

  2. Bloody hell you’ve knitted nearly all of it!! I wish I could knit as fast as you. So jealous as I really want a Beatnik. This one looks amazing. My mum is a loose knitter too and she can whip a cardigan out nearly as quickly as you, I must work on not knitting so tightly. x

    • It has indeed come together quite quickly. I was making it when it was super cold which made me go faster as I wanted to wear it! Do you think looseness= speed? That could explain things! x

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