Finished Beatnik!


I have finished my Beatnik– hurrah! Its just got really cold again so its perfect timing. I really hate the cold so I’m always looking for ways to keep warm.

Somehow I’ve managed to buy more wool than I need again. Either it’s got something to do with my loose knitting or designers are a little over cautious with their estimates for how much wool a pattern will need. It worked out pretty well that I had extra wool though as it meant I had enough to make the sleeves full length. In this sort of big cozy jumper I prefer long sleeves. It seems a bit weird to have a warm body but cold wrists…even if it creates a nice shape.


The jumper is knit in the flat and sewn up at the end. For some reason the pattern suggests that you only sew up the shoulders before you pick up the stitches along the neckline rather than completing all of the seaming. I like to get all the seaming done before picking up the stitches as I feel like I’m much closer to being nearly finished.

This kind of thick jumper is never the most flattering item as it adds bulk and doesn’t do great things for your stomach but when it comes to being warm I don’t care!

While I was finishing this off I was having a look over other people’s projects and started to wish that I’d made a cardigan version. This one from Kayrine is particularly awesome and gives details about how she altered the pattern. I’m very tempted to make another version in a cardigan.

On the whole I’m pleased with this jumper. It’s keeping me toasty and warm and I love the colour and the cable pattern.



12 thoughts on “Finished Beatnik!

  1. Look at those cables!!! Great colour too! I love knitting complicated patterns but leave too much time in between sessions…and end up re doing….ahem…Focus required!

    • Thank you! I know what you mean, if I leave a complicated pattern for too long I totally forget what I was doing and it all goes a bit wrong…. If I’m really unlucky I’ve knocked my row counter and then have no idea which row I’m on either!

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