Crafty Magazine – something a bit less twee!


Four weekend days a month I work in my friend’s lovely knitting shop. While I was there this weekend I came across this really interesting new magazine  (issue 1 no less!). It caught my eye  because it manages avoid the crafty twee trap. It would be a big lie for me to say that I don’t like twee crafty things, however, I am getting a bit fed up of that being the prevalent aesthetic for craft in general.  Sometimes it’s nice to have a tiny bit more edge and a few less flowers to balance out all of the Cath Kidston and Kirsty Allsop (both of which I like in moderation).


The magazine covers various different crafts including knitting, crochet  and some button making. The patterns are fairly simple but accessible. These owls for example could finally inspire me to learn to crochet.


There is also some customizing of trainers which I’m not quite so sure about. It makes me think of me and my sister tie-dying stuff in the garden in the 90s…..However as all things 90s appear to be coming back (crop tops urgh! Doc Martins yay! ) this isn’t a huge surprise but it doesn’t stop me from feeling a tad old…….

My eye was also drawn to this pattern for a top. I’m sure it wouldn’t look quite so awesome with my rather basic sewing skills but I think I’ll check it out anyway. I suspect I am drawn to it because of the buttons, I love buttons! She also has an awesome blog which I hadn’t come across before.


Slightly dodgy scan I’m afraid- my fault- but you can still see that it’s a lovely top 

All in all I think it’s a good start for a new magazine. I’m looking forward to having a look at issue two when it arrives!




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