My totally non-scientific arthritis product testing

My boyfriend writes a running blog (if you like running and marathons and things you should check it out) and sometimes image001people send him products so that he can try them and review them (sadly no-one ever sends me awesome wool and free patterns to review…). The nice people from Regenovex got in touch with him to see if he wanted to try out their joint products. He put in a good word for me and they sent me some stuff too!

I love free stuff so I was very excited. They sent me some capsules, some gel and some patches. I was most interested in the capsules as I’ve been meaning to try them out  to see if they could help with my arthritis for a little while. Anecdotally I’ve heard good things about this sort of product but as they are quite pricey I’ve never been sure enough that they will make a difference to fork out the £20.

I’ve been reading around for a while about the natural products that can help with arthritis and green lipped mussels have come up quite a few times. This product is ‘derived from’ green lipped mussels which I’m assuming means a synthesised version?

I’ve been using the capsules for a couple of months now and I’m really liking them. Because I am lazy I haven’t actually got around to making any before or after notes or comparisons (I think you’re supposed to note down inflammation, discomfort, pain and swelling before and afterwards and see how it compares to get a more accurate idea of how much something is helping) however it feels like it has made a difference.

This winter has been cold with three lots of snow. Over the past few winters snow and cold weather have wreaked havoc with my knees and my hips and forced me to sit on the sofa (looking grumpy), trying to keep warm and moaning about not being able to walk far enough to leave the house (I’m not a very good patient!). I’ve missed days at work (I am freelance so that’s really annoying for me) and had to stay in and generally miss out on fun. In comparison I  got through this last spell of bad weather much more easily; my old lady joints have still slowed me down a bit but I’ve been able to keep moving and haven’t needed any time off work or cancelled any social plans because of it. I was so pleased that I bought myself some capsules when the free ones ran out!

image002I wasn’t quite so sure about the gel. I tried it a couple of times but I just wasn’t able to get on with it. Firstly it has a fishy smell which I found a bit off putting and secondly it has a cooling effect. I know that some people really like cooling gels but when my arthritis hurts I want to be warm!  I currently use a Neal’s yard warming salve with ginger and cayenne on my hands (normally when I’ve done too much knitting!) which I love (although I am told smells a bit like Vicks!) I find the warmth soothes as well as easing the pain. I found that a cooling gel just didn’t have the same comforting effect. I wonder if that kind of product is better suited to post exercise use? I’m going to keep a hold of it though and try it out in the summer. I might get on better with it then.

I’ve rather enjoyed my product testing! I think my joints have benefitted too. Now I’m trying to work out how I can persuade people to send me free wool and needles to test…….


One thought on “My totally non-scientific arthritis product testing

  1. How do you feel now? I had problems with my joints when I was a teen and I preferred warm bath too. My joints gave me more problems when I tried cold compress. I also tried a lot of medications and gone through different lab and xray procedures. I had physical therapy for several months, but sadly, it didn’t work for me… I’m not sure if it was just my PT’s choice of program or my joints didn’t like it… anyways, I had stem cell treatment after months of waiting for my physical therapy’s result (no improvements at all!). My stem cell therapy went really fine. I had it with my orthopedic surgeon from Stem MD, Dr Purita. He scheduled me for 5-week treatment and I started to feel the effect about 4 weeks after my treatment. I was able to get back to running and clubbing with friends. I hope you will soon find the best treatment for you too.. stop wasting money and time experimenting with those… Honestly, I lost count of how much I spent with pain relievers and how many dozens I’ve had.

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