An awesome looking jumper from fancy wool


As I love my Boxy jumper so much I decided to make another massive square jumper. I’d had my eye on Relax by Ririko for quite a while and I was very excited to get started.

To make sure the jumper drapes really well I’ve used Finn from Du Store Alpakka. It’s a bit of a treat for me as it’s baby alpaca and silk and a bit more expensive than the wool I normally use. It’s unbelievably soft and so lovely to knit with. I love it!

It has been noted by a few people that I’ve been knitting almost exclusively in beige and biscuit lately so I’ve been brave and gone for a super vibrant purple. I love the shade but I’m a bit nervous about it……. It’s quite far from my usually muted colours. I’m sure I’ll love it when it’s done though.


The pattern for the jumper is really simple. Lots of stocking stitch. The only part that takes any thought is making notes of the number of stitches to various points so that I can make sure that the front and back match up properly. I thought about knitting in the round but I’m hoping that the side seam will help it fall better.

As ever it’s looking massive. That should work okay with this style. For some reason I made a small rather than an extra small…….Not sure why I never learn to think more carefully about sizing!

I’m knitting this super fast as I can’t wait to wear  it!


3 thoughts on “An awesome looking jumper from fancy wool

  1. Silk/alpaca is lovely to wear, as well as knit with- it generally more than repays the higher investment. It looks like the beginning of a beautiful garment, have fun!

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