(Twee warning) home made bunting!


My lovely friend Kathryn is getting married soon and me and a couple of equally lovely friends have been working on her hen do. Part of the weekend was a tiny village fete with little crafty stalls (as she is a crafty lady). For decoration we decided to embrace the twee go with bunting (I have to confess I do have a soft spot for bunting).

I decided that my bunting should be hand made as a) Kathryn is an amazing sewer so I thought it fitting to have home sewn decorations and b)I’d feel a bit guilty buying ready made bunting after we had this Banksy turn up in Wood Green last year.


I’m still annoyed that this was taken down and sold…

One of the great things about sewing is that it teaches you how much work goes into making things and reminds you that any textiles that are sold really cheap must involve some form of exploitation and crappy wages .Of course course the irony now is that the Banksy was taken down and sold for a huuuuge fee. I guess the buyer didn’t get the reference to capitalism?

I’ve never made bunting before but it turned out to be a really fun sewing project and an awesome way to use up lots of scrap fabric. I started off by digging out a big pile of left over bits and gave them a good iron. I was pleased to find that in my fabric stash I had some fabric that Kathryn gave me when I first started sewing. I kind of liked the sentiment of having a little bit of the lady herself in her bunting.


Then I hunted about on the internet for tips. This blog was particularly helpful.

I made myself a template for the bunting. I more or less followed the advice on the Glorious Treats blog and made the template 8 inches by 6 inches (I ignored the half inches suggested as I am lazy and couldn’t be bothered to work out half of 6.5 when I was checking that the point was in the middle).


Then I doubled up the fabric and got cutting out! To make sure it didn’t look too random I aimed to have blues and greens for one set of bunting and purples for the second (it turns out I have quite a lot of purple fabric!).


I vaguely pinned the triangles together and then sewed away. I pinked the edges and then turned them the right way around and ironed them. My triangle points weren’t that pointy but I was otherwise I was really pleased. All I had left to do was sew the bunting onto the bias tape.


Once I’d given it all a good press I have to admit I was super proud of my achievements and hung it on the wall so that I could admire it! I think the bunting worked really well on the day and cheered up a slightly rainy day really well! Lots of fun was had!


Here’s the bunting on the day…..it was a bit dark….check out James Dean’s hat.



Here’s some more awesome bunting


9 thoughts on “(Twee warning) home made bunting!

  1. Dude I’ve just seen this post! It seriously is the best-sewn bunting I have EVER seen, the green set is currently draped around our living room bookshelves. Thank you so much! I might steal one of your pictures for my blog, if that’s okay?

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  3. Love your bunting 🙂 Always fun to make.
    Very random, but I have the exact same african wax fabric as you! I got it on holiday in Mombassa. I still haven’t made anything with it, waiting for the perfect project. What did you make with it?

    • Cool! That fabric came from Kathryn who was the hen. I’m pretty sure she made a dress out of it…. I can’t quite remember what sort but it looked great! Check out her blog yesilikethat.wordpress.com It should be on there amongst her many awesome dresses.

  4. I have found your blog via Kathryn’s. Great bunting! It’s really inspired me to get my finger out and actually make some for my son’s room before he forms an opinion!

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