Epic sewing fail…..can you fix a massive cut in your pattern pieces?


I’ve been pottering along making a Megan Nielsen Darling ranges dress for quite a while now. I haven’t had as much time for sewing as I’d like lately so it’s taking me quite a while. I was super excited a few weeks ago when I finally had time to get sewing. I was making decent progress and was pinning on the pockets when I realised I had cut two rather than four. “Never mind,” I though, “I can just use this handy bit of spare fabric over here”. I pinned on the pattern and took a massive snip and then “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” the handy bit of fabric was actually the skirt front! Both pieces of skirt front! A calmer sewer would have thought pragmatically about how they could fix it. Instead my poor boyfriend was subjected to some rather choice swear words and some (probably quite comically sulky) chucking about of fabric (he didn’t laugh at me though as he is awesome).

Once I’d calmed down (and stopped acting like a crazy lady) I issued a crafting SOS to my Mum (who is awesome at sewing) to see if there was any solution that a sewer of my limited experience could pull off. Luckily she had a plan. Fix the slit with Interfacing! I was rather nervous about taking it on myself so I waited until she came to visit a week or so later and happily  passed over the interfacing ironing duties. Through many years practice patching up various things (including numerous pairs of jeans when I was a teenager- I don’t know what I did to them) she managed to line the slit in the fabric up so that it was almost invisible. She warned me that it wouldn’t hold on its own so I hand stitched around the outside to keep it in place.  I’m very lucky that the fabric wasn’t prone to fraying or it would have been a massive mess.


This is the wrong side but it’s looking very right sidey in this photo for some reason


It’s an amazing fix but the mistake isn’t totally invisible from the other side so I’ll need to cover it up somehow (for some reason I forgot to take a picture from the right side). At the moment I’m thinking patch pockets will be the way forward. Luckily for me I cut the fabric in a fairly patch pockety place. So the plan is to wait until the end and then double up some fabric for nice square pockets. My only worry is that is will be in a fairly unflattering place (adding bulk to my hips)  however it should still look like that’s what I meant to do!


I’m getting closer to finishing. I’ve sewn the skirt front and back and attached the bodice to the skirt. Hopefully I’ll have some sewing time very soon and I can get it finished and see how it looks! It’s got buttons all the way down the front which is always exciting as I love using my automatic button hole!


11 thoughts on “Epic sewing fail…..can you fix a massive cut in your pattern pieces?

  1. Instead of pockets, you could make a tiny finished piece that goes over your interfacing area….on the outside. Make it to look like the tiny finished piece that would be like a flap for a pocket, or better yet, (and I don’t know what this piece is called) the little inset that would be there if this was a bound style pocket slit. Just the bound piece would show, and it would be assumed there was a pocket opening behind it. This way, there would be less bulk, just the idea of a pocket.

    Can’t wait to see how you resolve this! And I’ll bet no one will notice when you wear this!

      • Not much skill required. Take the length of the “error” plus at least an inch, by maybe 3″. Cut 2. Fold lengthwise, and stitch a tiny seam on both short ends. Turn inside out, press. I’d serge the raw edges together at this point.
        Then, stitching the little flap thingy so the folded edge is towards the hem…….stitch it so it ends up being about 5/8″ of a finished piece. Fold the flap up, press again…….and then I’d probably stitch it by hand, from the back, so it looks as though it is the bound piece of the magic “non pocket”.
        You can see this finish on commercial garments, where they want it to look as tho there are pockets and there are none. Sometimes, the short ends are sewn up (top stitched) leaving just the top of the flap loose.
        Good luck!

  2. Ooh, that’s a good tip. I’ve just made my fella the avocado hoodie for his birthday pressie, and when I was overlocking the seams I managed to get some back fabric pulled into it and cut a bit. I’ve ordered an iron on clothes patch from an Etsy seller, so hopefully that will arrive in time. I’m trying not to be too mad at my stupidity though – I’ve made it in secret so I don’t even know if it fits!

  3. Been there, have done that with some incredibly expensive voile fabric — cut a cuff out of a sleeve that I mistook for a scrap (may I say that it was 1:00 in the morning). It took me days to source the identical fabric because it was from a collection that was way over a year or so old. As I’m sure I will do it again THANK YOUR MOM for that great idea. It never ever occurred to me!

    • Oh no! That must have been really upsetting! Glad that you found the right fabric in the end!
      My mum is great at sewing, she’s been doing it since she was quite young. She knows all of the tricks!

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