Wedding blanket – Umaro by Jared Flood


I have a confession to make; I am not massive fan of wedding lists. It’s not that I hate them, or that I think the concept is a bad (who wouldn’t want to go around John Lewis picking out awesome things? I would love that!) it’s just that when it comes to close friends I prefer to give something personal.

This weekend I went to the wedding of two good friends of mine. They are both awesome so I wanted their present to be special. I had a good old think about it and decided that it had to be a handmade present. I opted for a blanket as I thought it would be something that would be pretty and useful.


I’ve had my eye on Umaro by Jared Flood for quite a while so I decided to go for that one. I really like the pattern plus it’s knitted with super bulky wool and huge needles which makes it a faster project. I used Garnstudio DROPS Andes and 9mm needles. I really like the Garnstudio wools; they are affordable and good quality and there are various internet suppliers now. I needed rather a lot of wool for this and in the end I’d only just ordered enough!


After a little bit of initial confusion (I always seem to manage to mess up the first row of a lace pattern, I have no idea how!) the pattern was really simple to follow. When you first read the cable rows on the chart the instruction to slip stitches onto two different cable needles seems very odd indeed. However it’s fine once you get going and it isn’t too fiddly at all. I didn’t get around to buying new cable needles so I used the ones I had hanging around which were different sizes and too small but it doesn’t seem to have caused any issues with the finished blanket.


It’s huge! Here it is blocking out on the spare bed.

I started the project quite a while ago as I (rightly) suspected that I would get bored of it after a while. Because of the needle size it grew really quickly and I had a real sense of satisfaction being able to see what I’d achieved from an evening of knitting. As I mainly use 4 ply it made a change to be able to see progress!

When the project started to get big it got pretty tricky to work on. It was quite heavy and a little bit cumbersome. I had to be really careful how I sat to spread the weight of the project. Even then it was a little too much for the needles which detached themselves from the cable and had to be held on with tape (which kept falling off).

I’m really pleased with the finished blanket and I hope my friends enjoy it!


15 thoughts on “Wedding blanket – Umaro by Jared Flood

  1. I love this! Such a beautiful blanket and a thoughtful present. I’m tempted to make one for myself although I have a crochet blanket on the go which is only 2 years into the making so I should probably finish that first…

    • I’m a tad slapdash with my blocking…I tend to wash my knitted item and then sort of vaguely shape it on the bed over a towel…. I don’t get super sharp corners but I don’t mind too much. I think it took a couple of days to dry during a warm spell with the window open.

      Are you making one?

  2. I’m almost finished! I’m trying to decide which way to go, I think I’m too lazy to steam block it but then I would have to clean the bath tub anyway.

  3. You blanket is very beautiful! I have bought the pattern and wanted to knit it with the exact same wool!!! What was the final size of the blanket with 11 balls? 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m really sorry I didn’t measure the blanket. It’s pretty huge! Easily big enough for a double bed. It’s a lovely blanket though- well worth knitting up!

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