Knitting in Norway


I really loved the grass roofs!

Last week me and my boyfriend took a trip over to Norway to hang out with a friend of ours who lives there. We had the most amazing time! It’s such a wonderful country and the people are super nice. I knew that it was a lovely place but I don’t think I appreciated quite how pretty the landscape was and how many lakes and mountains and islands there would be.


Check out the beautiful autumn colours!

While we were there the weather was just turning for the start of autumn so perfect knitting weather! My friend Sarah told us about a knitting shop near her house and I was really excited to go and have a look.


The shop is in the middle of the countryside near Oltedal and has big flag poles outside covered in wool so that you can’t miss it. It’s a factory outlet and they have discounted wool. I was spoilt for choice! I got some Tynn Aplakka in a lovely grey green. I don’t normally buy wool if I don’t know what I’m going to do with it but I figured that 7 balls of 4 ply would easily make me a cardigan or a jumper.


This is the knitting shop. Check out the awesome grass roof (I have become a little bit obsessed with grass roofs)

While we were there we stayed at a beautiful cabin in the mountains. Super relaxing and perfect for knitting.


It was so cozy and warm! I got quite a lot of knitting done and I’ve nearly finished a new hat.


We had such an amazing trip and will definitely be going back!


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