Aarrrrrrrrgggghhh!!! (or how annoying it is to have to unravel your knitting and start again…)


I did lots of knitting on the doomed cardigan on holiday in Norway

I was making a Funky Grandpa by La Maison Rililie. I had been making it for a little while. It was in a splendid shade of orange  from Du Store Alpakka Mirasol (I ignored the stripes as I wanted a block colour). I was very very very excited about it. All was going very well. I was speeding along and had finished the body. I cast off. I tried it on. Disaster! Instead of the boxy baggy cardigan I was aiming for I’d made a sort of half fitted effort which was tight around the hips yet loose around the bust with oddly massive arm holes! Urgh! Plus I had a weirdly large amount of wool left.

Somewhere along the way I’d deviated from the pattern with hideous results. The magic of blocking wasn’t going to help me as the shape was all wrong and no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t think of a way to fix it. I was very disappointed indeed. I put the cardigan away for a few days hoping to feel more positive towards it later (sometimes that works). I tried it on again. It was still awful. I repeated this process. Still nothing.

There was only one option……. Undo it all and start again! AAaaaaaarrrrggggh!


I really love this colour! Look how much I’d done though 😦

A little while ago I encouraged sew much choice to figure out a way she could avoid undoing loads of beautiful colour work in her nearly finished paper dolls jumper to fix a problem with the sleeves. My suggestion worked and she was able to fix it which is super exciting (she even wrote me a nice blog post about it *blushes*). You would have thought that this good deed would have earned me some good knitting karma but sadly not. Instead I have learned an important lesson; stop being lazy and bother to try things on as I go!

I’ve since restarted the cardigan (feeling slightly resentful) and I think I’ve found where it all went wrong…. I have my fingers crossed. This had better be the most awesome cardigan in the world once its finished!


3 thoughts on “Aarrrrrrrrgggghhh!!! (or how annoying it is to have to unravel your knitting and start again…)

  1. You definitely deserve some knitting Karma after the help you gave me, I’m really sorry you have had to undo the lot. The colour looks lovely and I’ll look forward to seeing it all finished up x

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