Hemlock top


Please ignore the messy bedroom! This was the only angle that I could manage to prop my camera up so that I could take a picture of my whole body with the timer. 

I very much like things that are free so I was very excited to have a go at the Hemlock Tee pattern from Grainline Studio. I am a big fan of  boxy shapes and knitted fabrics so it was a perfect project for me.

As with most free patterns you need to download the pattern, cut out the squares, stick them together and then cut out the pattern pieces.  It’s a bit tedious but then if you haven’t paid for it you can’t complain!


Coco ‘helping’ me to cut out my pattern…..

I used the left over fabric from Vogue V8792. The patten asks for a tissue knit but I reckon jersey is pretty similar….I didn’t quite have enough to do it properly so I had to bodge it a bit by ignoring the grain line and cutting the back in half and adding a centre back seam. The two colours were more of a necessity given the amount of fabric I had rather than a design choice but I think it’s worked out rather well!


Before I started doing the actual sewing I did a bit of research to try and improve my jersey sewing skills.  I discovered that I could help improve the appearance of my stitches with a walking foot and then by some sort of miracle when I dug about in my sewing box I found that I actually had one! Yay! I got lots of embroidery stuff with my  machine and because I haven’t done any embroidery I didn’t think to check it.

The walking foot turned out to be really useful and it really did improve the look of my stitches. I was really pleased! Everything looked much neater and less stretched.

I got a bit confused about the neck and I had to consult my sewing guru, Kathryn. She pointed me in the direction of this tutorial which was super helpful. My first attempt wasn’t very successful. It was both a  bit puckery and far too high…..


A huge neck band! Sorry for the dark picture it seems to have been raining for the past few weeks….

Luckily I’d just tacked it on to see how it would look so it wasn’t too much of struggle to unpick it. I cut it down to a more sensible size and then tried again. This time, on Kathryn’s advice, I didn’t tack but just pinned and got right on with sewing. It was much easier than I thought it would be and I’m really pleased with the way it came out.


The neckline looks a bit puckered here but it looks fine on.

I’m really pleased with my efforts and I’ve  been wearing it constantly for the past couple of days! I think I’ll make another one in one colour with longer sleeves and longer body.


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