Super cute jumper for a super cute little person


Some excellent layering going on here. A very stylish baby!

I really enjoy knitting baby clothes. They are so small and cute, they don’t need any shaping and they come together super fast. What’s not to enjoy!

This jumper is for baby Frances who is a particularly adorable little person. Well, really it’s for her lovely mum Kerry but you know what I mean! I’ve been a bit tardy with my ‘welcome to the world’ present as she’s nearly 6 months old now…..still at least it’s jumper wearing season now!

As Kerry is a knitter I decided to go through her Ravelry queue. This was a very fruitful approach but also made me feel like some kind of crazed stalker……I was feeling very clever when I came up with this approach but as I started work on the jumper I realised that I might be depriving a fellow knitter of a project that she actually wanted to make not just own…then I remembered that new mums don’t have much time for knitting and carried on!

I picked Livingston by Nadia Crétin-Léchenne in the end. It’s cute, it features buttons and the little seagulls are very sweet. I also liked the fact that the sizes went up quite a bit to allow for some growing room (If I’m making someone a jumper I want them to be able to wear it for more than 5 minutes!).  I used Rowan Cashsoft 4 Ply which I had left over from Emelie. I have no idea why this wool was discontinued! It’s lovely and soft and it goes in the washing machine!


The pattern itself was a little random. This is the first time I’ve come across a bottom up raglan….. and to be honest I couldn’t quite figure out why that approach was taken. I was feeling far too lazy to adapt it to be top down though so I just knitted it as it was suggested.

The seagull repeat was really easy to follow. After a couple of rounds I didn’t even need to look at the pattern. Once I got the part where the sleeves and body where joined together it got a bit confusing (the original pattern is in French so I suspect meaning may have been lost in translation)  so I just ignored the instructions and had a guess and it worked out fine!


Both mum and baby like the jumper and it looks super duper cute on. It’s nice and baggy so there’s growing room and room for layers underneath. I’m told that the style is good for little people too as the opening at the top makes it nice easier to get on. All in all I’m very pleased!


2 thoughts on “Super cute jumper for a super cute little person

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