Christmas Knitting


Knotty but nice hat

This year I decided to make some little presents for my family for Christmas. I know that some people hate home made presents but my family are a crafty bunch so I don’t feel  too guilty!

For my sister’s boyfriend I made a Knotty but Nice hat by Natalie Larson. I went for an aran weight to make things a bit quicker. My first try came out huuuuuge so I took out a pattern repeat to make it a bit more head sized!  I’m hoping I haven’t gone too far the other way and made it too small…….

The pattern is a free one from Knitty. It’s well written and clear and takes no time at all.  I used Viking of Norway Eco-Ull  which was a treat to knit with. It looks nice and robust but isn’t too scratchy on the hands.


Turn a square

For my Dad I made Turn A Square by Jared Flood. I’ve tried this pattern before but it came out far too big. I think my gauge is a bit off for Brooklyn Tweed patterns. In the end I took out quite a few stitches to get it to a more reasonable size.

I used Viking of Norway Eco-Ull again. The cream and the brown really compliment each other. I’ve made my Dad a hat before which he’s worn so I’m hopeful that he’ll like this one!


For my sister I made another pair of  Merletto Mitts . I used the same modifications as I used for mine as I think we probably have similar sized hands. I used drops alpaca which is more or less my favourite wool to work with. The colour hasn’t come out very well in the pictures. In the flesh it’s a very dark purple. My sister loves purple so its perfect for her. It was a bit annoying to work with though because it’s so dark I could hardly see what I was doing.

Hopefully everyone will like their presents!


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