Christmas pinny for my Mum

It’s always a bit of a challenge to think of something to make for a more seasoned crafter than yourself. My Mum is a case in point; while she’s always super grateful for anything I make her she would almost certainly be able to make herself a better version if she wanted….However to keep with my plan of making a little something for everyone I needed to think of something. In the past I’ve knitted various shawls which seemed to be well received      (although you can never tell if people just get things out of the cupboard to artfully display when you come round…) but this year I hadn’t left myself enough time….. I started thinking about things I knew that she would use and I came up with a pinny. My Mum can often be spotted in a pinny about the house (which would probably explain why she doesn’t ever suffer with the mystery bleach stains which appear on my clothing at random) so it’s something that I know will get used.

I thought it would be pretty easy to find an apron pattern as its a fairly bog standard item to make. I was very wrong indeed! It took quite a lot of hunting to find something appropriate…… for some reason the internet is crammed full of patterns for frilly, floral aprons in a variety of shades of pastel most of which only cover about 10 inches of a person’s bottom half (for people who mysteriously only spill stuff down their thighs?). I was a little bit confused……I didn’t realise that aprons came in frilly pink for ladies or blue for mens (which are all ‘butchers aprons’ because apparently men don’t cook or clean???)….I thought they were just one size in neutral colours? Even if we put aside my aesthetic preferences my Mother is  about as far from a wearer of frilly pinnies as you can get! In the end I found this one. I was super pleased. A normal unisex  apron my Mum could actually wear!

I got myself down to Dalston Mill for some suitable fabric. They helped me to find a nice cotton twill with a lovely green and cream stripe plus some cream tape. I’m very taken with the fabric; its nice and thick and feels a bit like canvas. For some reason I decided to buy two metres when I could easily have done with one. It was a ridiculously easy fabric to work with; not even a hint of slipping about! Plus it was nice to be working with a fabric that will take a really good steam after the jersey I’ve been using lately. It’s so much easier if you can press a nice flat hem before you sew.

The pattern was super easy to follow. Some measurements, a couple of lines to draw and I had everything cut out. It was really quick to sew up. A challenge is good sometimes but I do enjoy giving my brain a rest and sewing straight lines! As the hems got a bit thick (especially with the cotton tape in there) I used my walking foot. It made a huge difference and made it super easy.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the way that the pinny turned out. I really wanted to keep it for myself. I hope my Mum likes it!


2 thoughts on “Christmas pinny for my Mum

  1. Hi, I’m enjoying your blog! Some super cute stuff on here. I know exactly the feeling of mothers being able to make anything you could make for them, only better… 🙂

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