Wave and box hat- test knit

This is my first ever test knit. Its the Wave and box hat by Aimee Nicholson. I used Garnstudio DROPS Lima because it’s reasonably priced and I like the colours they have at the moment. As you can see I was feeling very brave when I was ordering the wool as I went for a contrasting orange and green. It’s not subtle but I rather like it! Some cheerful colour for a dark and depressing time of year!

The repeat was super easy to follow and remember so I didn’t need to be looking at the pattern every five minutes. The instructions were also well written and clear. It was a very quick knit too!


I’m not sure why my boyfriend decided to take the picture from the side of my face with the huge spot on it…..

The hat is designed to be a close fitting beanie style but mine came out a little bit big. It wasn’t a huge surprise when that happened as my gauge was a bit off. I went down to a 4mm needle need rather than a 4.5mm for the main body of the hat. I didn’t want to go down any further than that as it would have made the fabric quite stiff and put a bit of strain on my hands. This is almost certainly more of a comment on my loose knitting than the pattern though. I’m always off gauge! To get around the sizing issue I blocked it out as though it were a beret and I think it’s come out rather well! All in all I’m pleased with it!


2 thoughts on “Wave and box hat- test knit

  1. It looks quite lovely 🙂 One that I am going to make once I finish the cardigan I have on the needles… the first thing I saw of your side view, was your lovely curls. It made me wish for my hair to grow so that I can have curls again :0) Have a blessed day!

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