Spring jumper


It’s a coincidence that the flowers behind me are nearly the same colour as my jumper but I think it looks rather lovely.

Most people I know put away their wooly jumpers and cardigans as soon as the first hint spring comes. Not me! I love knitwear and being a knitter I have an exceptionally large collection. Luckily I am one of those people who is always cold so rather than bore my nearest and dearest moaning on about it I just carry on wearing my knitwear almost all year around (obviously it is occasionally too hot for a cardigan, I’m not cold blooded). Also as cold+ arthritis = pain I have an added incentive to keep knitting all year around.

If you read this blog regularly you’ll have noticed that I love Garnstudio DROPS Alpaca. I use it a lot because a) it’s cheap b) I like the colours and c) I like the texture. I’d highly recommend it. So far though I’ve never used it doubled up. I gave that a go with il grande favorito by Isabell Kraemer. 

I’ve had my eye on the pattern for a while. I love slouchy fluffy jumpers so it’s right up my street. It’s a bit of a simple knit though, lots of boring stocking stitch, so I wasn’t super excited about the process of knitting it. Once I got started I realised that it was going to be super fast. With the wool doubled up and 6mm needles the jumper zipped by. It can’t have taken me more than 3 weeks and those were 3 weeks of slack knitting as it was so dull. I got to use my cubic needles which is always a treat and much easier on my hands. I love my cubic needles and I just wish they made them in smaller sizes.


I was very well behaved and made a tension square. I’m pleased I did it because it meant that the jumper was a fairly good fit. If anything I maybe should have made it a little bit bigger to accommodate my many voluminous tops. As you can tell by my happy little face I love this top. It’s really cozy, it has nice long sleeves and it’s a very pretty colour. I didn’t actually indeed to go for that sort of shade of lilac, I thought it would be more of a dirty pink. I got used to it while I was knitting it and now it’s really grown on me. Sometimes shopping for wool online can be a bit of a magic mystery tour where you don’t always get what you planned but you get something interesting. I’m very pleased and tempted to make myself another one in a bigger size in grey for the winter…..


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