Making presents

Hello, Happy New Year! As you might have guessed I am a big fan of knitting and sewing in general so it follows that I would also be a big fan of knitting and sewing my own Christmas presents. Here are a few that I made this year:


These are some lavender pillows for keeping drawers smelling nice. I saw something similar at a craft fair before Christmas and I thought they looked pretty easy to replicate. I used bits of left over fabric that I had and got a big bag of lavender from the awesome vegetarian shop down the road for just a pound! I’m very pleased with the way these have turned out and I really enjoyed making them. I was quite tempted to make a set for myself actually!


This is a pair of oven gloves I made for my mum. Sorry for the rubbish photo. They were a bit too long to fit in. You’ll just have to trust me that they look good! I used a pattern from a Cath Kidston book and some fabric I already had. These were my first experiment with wadding but it was much simpler than I feared. Getting the bias binding to look neat was surprisingly tricky but I could solve that another time by not taking the wadding all the way up to the edge. My walking foot came in very handy for these. I’m not quite sure how you’d manage otherwise!

I also made a little pair of hand warmers for my sister.


These are a pair of Sherwood Mitts by Pam Allen. I made them in Garnstudio DROPS Nepal. I’ve made these hand warmers before, also as a Christmas present, and I really enjoyed knitting them both times. The pattern is pretty easy to remember and as the wool is nice and chunky they come together quickly. I need to get around to making a pair for myself at some point!


Coco also got into the spirit of Christmas and let me decorate her cage. She loves Christmas because she is a massive fan of brussel sprouts and also cardboard boxes. She doesn’t like it so much when we try and dress her up in a Christmas hat though….


2 thoughts on “Making presents

  1. What an amazing amount of gifts you created! Isn’t it funny how we always think we should make ourselves some of these things, but more often than not we don’t? 🙂
    Coco’s cage is beyond fantastic.

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