A cardigan for a very tall and incredibly thin person…..


It’s taken me years to get around to making an Aidez by Cirilia Rose. It’s a free pattern with a really lovely cable. There are tones of them on Ravelry complete with super happy pictures. I did my research in advance and it looked like the biggest problem would be small arm holes. I was a bit worried about that as I am rather generously proportioned in the arm area (I have no idea why as I am lacking in any accompanying strength). Luckily for me that didn’t happen. I ran into a different problem entirely. I managed to make a cardigan which is super duper long and at the same time impossibly narrow and thus totally unwearable. 😦

While this is not the first virtually unwearable item I’ve made it is by far the most beautiful! It’s so cruel. It looks so lovely sitting there and then as soon as I put it on it on, ugh! I couldn’t bear to take a picture as it looks so dreadful so I will try and describe it instead. Picture a long thin sheet of knitted fabric hanging limply down my back, so narrow that you can barely see it from the front. It manages to make me look both shorter and rounder which is not exactly the look I’m going for.


Look how pretty the pattern is! I wish I could wear it!

I suspect that the problem is with the wool. It’s a lovely sort of grey/purple shade of Garnstudio DROPS Big Merino which was an absolute pleasure to knit with (It is super soft and has the loveliest stitch definition). Unfortunatly it is on the thin side for an aran which is less than ideal considering the pattern actually calls for super bulky wool. My gauge was a little off but I thought I could get away with going up a couple of sizes. Clearly that was an optimistic plan!

As I was making the front pieces I was concerned that they seemed rather small but had hatched a plan to pick up stitches around the outside to form a fairly thick button band. Once I’d finished the (long and rather tedious) process of seaming I realised that the approach just wouldn’t work as the button band would need to be 4 or 5 inches which would look weird and use up a hell of a lot of wool. It also wouldn’t solve the problem of the cardigan being insanely long.


Look closely, can you see where I went wrong?

To make matters more frustrating with this project I actually had to make the back twice. I’d finished the whole thing off and started on the front before I spotted the sneaky knit stitches hiding in with the purls. I thought maybe I could get away with leaving them but the longer I looked at it the more I could see the mistake! As I was using pretty big needles (6.5mm) the second version came together quite quickly but I was still less than thrilled.

On a more positive note the cables look quite complex but are super simple and easy to remember. If you’re familiar with the pattern you might have noticed that I’ve made a slight change to the outer cables on the back. I could pretend it’s because I preferred the more classic cable I went with in the end but that would be a lie. In truth I couldn’t work out what the instructions were asking me to do and rather than be patient with it I just substituted the cable for something easy! I’m sure that if I had read it properly and spent some time on it I would have worked it out in the end.


So, what am I going to do about this knitting disaster? I haven’t quite made up my mind yet. An optimist might say that I could improve things with a really firm block to try and widen the cardigan and take up some of the length (so far it’s only had a pretty half hearted blocking). Or, I could just admit defeat and unravel it? Perhaps this cardigan just isn’t meant to be!


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