It’s always upsetting when something gets nicked but it’s particularly horrible when it’s something you’ve made yourself. On Friday I was in the pub and another customer apparently decided that they were a bit cold and would like to warm themselves up by wearing my beloved Autumn Leaves scarf home! I should add that it’s quite a nice pub where the beer is fairly expensive and the customers can afford to buy their own accessories. It’s a bit silly to get overly attached to an inanimate object but I loved that scarf! 😦 I get very cold and pretty much hate winter but it’s so reassuringly big and cozy and colourful that it brought me much needed cheer. It took me a little while to make but I’ve worn it pretty constantly through this winter and last winter.

Now, I like a drink now and again (ahem…) and if I’d had one too many and forgotten it I would only have myself to be cross with. But I really can’t fathom what sort of person steals something that is so obviously handmade and irreplaceable and really of no value to anyone but me. I’ve had wallets stolen before of course (I lived in London for seven years) but I understand that as it’s skint people who are after money. It’s crappy and upsetting but it makes sense. This is something totally different……It’s not like there’s any chance that whoever took it thought it was theirs either! I’m really very confident that no-one else has made themselves the exact same pattern of scarf in the same wool….


So, should you happen to be walking about in Cambridge and spot someone snugged up in my beautiful (and frankly rather distinctive) toasty scarf you will know they are a thief! I haven’t got the heart to make myself a new one at the moment so for the moment I will be looking very grumpy and a bit cold…….


4 thoughts on “Thief!

  1. I suppose on one hand, it’s flattering that someone loved your scarf so much that they stole it? I’m so sorry you’ve lost beautiful scarf and all your hard work! Hopefully, it will be found soon. :/

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